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Lighthouse Data Management Software


Lighthouse Database Administration Software, available in both ASP.NET and ColdFusion, is a data management system that offers add, edit, delete, view, search, and export functionality over any database table with a few simple lines of code. Lighthouse can be configured to manage a number of functionalities from event registration, blog management, and email marketing systems to customer, membership, and donor databases. With Lighthouse Database Administration Software, sophisticated systems to manage virtually any type of content can be built in a matter of minutes.

*NEW* - Watch a Video Demonstration of the Software

For detailed information on Lighthouse Database Administration Software, including the API, system requirements, installation, and licensing, please view the Reference Manual. We also encourage you to try our demo application to experience Lighthouse first-hand.


Lighthouse offers all of the core features you would expect from a database content management system (CMS).  Below are just a few of the product's features.

  • Add, Edit, Delete, View, Search, and Export functionality are automatically built by Lighthouse.
  • Support for text fields, text areas, HTML Edit boxes, select lists, multiple-select lists, checkboxes, checkbox groups, radio buttons, pop-up selects, multiple pop-up selects, and file uploads.
  • Built-in HTML Editor enables rich formatting of content without having to know HTML.
  • Automatic data validation ensures that entries will conform to the type of data you need. Data validation rules include checks for required fields, valid numbers, valid dates, valid email addresses, etc.
  • Flexible column display options on the "View" screen enables users to view only the fields they are interested in and sort the data on any column.
  • Integrated spell check engine ensures that your content does not contain any misspellings.

Simple to Use

Lighthouse offers an easy-to-use interface that is friendly to even novice web users. All Lighthouse pages consist of simple forms for adding or editing content and grid-based displays for data. In addition, Lighthouse can be customized with Help Text for each field to ensure that users know what data to put in each field when adding or editing content.

Sample Code

The following code is all that is needed to manage content using Lighthouse Database Administration Software. In this example, we will be managing FAQs. Our FAQ data consists of an ID (the primary key), a question, and an answer. The code below would provide add, edit, delete, search, view, export to Excel, etc. functionality for your content.

<lh:MS_Table table="tbl_FAQs" dsn="myDB">
<lh:MS_TableColumn ColName="FAQID" DispName="ID" type="integer" PrimaryKey="true" />
<lh:MS_TableColumn ColName="Question" FormFieldParameters="size=50" maxlength="100" Required="Yes" searchType="contains" />
<lh:MS_TableColumn ColName="Answer" type="textarea" allowHTML="yes" FormFieldParameters="rows=5 cols=50" maxlength="500" Required="Yes" />

Supported Platforms

Server: ColdFusion 8+, ASP.Net MVC 3

Database: SQL Server 2005+ (including Express edition)

Web-based Client: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox


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